Kang In’s New Look Makes Him Look like T.O.P

Singers Kang In and Big Bang’s T.O.P now look a lot like on another, thanks to a change in hairstyle. 

On December 28, Kang In posted a picture of himself and wrote on his twitter account, “Today I need to do better than yesterday. I need to keep on doing even better” and “It is really cold today. Make sure you wear warm clothes when you go outside.”

In the tweeted selca, Kang In poses with platinum blond hair with big black sunglasses and stays warm by wearing a puffy blue jacket. It appears that Kang In has lost some weight and has a sharp new look. People are commenting these days that he resembles T.O.P.

Netiziens agreeing that Kang In looks a lot like T.O.P commented, “Holy. They do look like each other. It makes a big difference when people lose weight,” “I can now see his neck line,” and “I think Kang In himself agrees that he looks a lot like T.O.P.”