miss A’s Suzy Thanks Fans for Homemade Gift

miss A‘s Suzy recently thanked fans for a the gifts she received with a selca.

On December 31, she tweeted, “I think I’m going to read one every single day. I counted them and I think there are 51 messages for 51 days. I think I’ll feel pumped with energy and strength each time I read one. Thank you so much!” She went on, “Thank you so much for preparing food for me and letters! The tangerines were covered with clever and touching little sayings. I ate and read every single one. Because they were hungry too, I also shared the food with staff unnis and oppas who enjoyed peeling each one. Thank you very very much!” 

Finally Suzy thanked fans again saying, “Also, I want to thank the fans who waited out in the bitter cord to wave hello and pass me heat packs. Thank you so much! Please arrive home safely. Thank you very much! You guys are the best.”

Netizens who saw the messages and photo commented with, “Suzy, you were so beautiful during the acting awards ceremony!” “Just seeing you smile Suzy, makes me happy,” and “I hope you win an award at the next ceremony, Suzy!”

In related news, Suzy won “Best Newcomer of the Year” award and “Best Cameo Appearance” award at the KBS Entertainment Awards Ceremony