Won Bin and Sooyoung Dating Rumor Source Figured Out

What is the source of Won Bin and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung’s dating rumor?

Currently “Sports World” is claiming to have figured out the origin of the dating rumor. The rumor was spread through the “Celebrity X Files.” (X Files of celebrities being spread by the finance industry in South Korea) The rumor gained even more momentum as news broke out that one media source would actually make an official report on January 1, 2013.

However, a representative of SM Entertainment stated, “The two aren’t even friends and have never met. It is impossible that an article could be released regarding their dating.”

“Sports World” has stated that the rumor started as a joke. On one community message board, somebody made a post with the title “Exclusive: Won Bin Sooyoung.” (Sooyoung also means swimming in Korean) The picture in the post was about Won Bin actually swimming, this is a common type of practice called “fishing” where a title is written in a misleading manner on purpose.

It looks as though the verdict for this rumor is out. The rumor is just a rumor. Or is it?