Tablo and Mithra Jin Transform into Villains from “Batman”

Epik High‘s Tablo recently transformed into the popular villain from the Batman series – “The Joker.”

On December 31, Tablo tweeted, “Behind the scenes photo #3: THE JOKER & BANE BFF Selca” and uploaded the following photo. 

The picture comes from their Batman themed performance from the 2012 MAMA Awards back in November.

In the photo, Tablo makes a full transformation into the Joker. His transformation is so complete that fans could not believe just how strikingly similar he looked to the famed series’ villain. He wowed Netizens with his look because the wig, the white foundation, the frighteningly shaped mouth, and costume were extremely detailed. 

Beside Tablo is Mithra Jin who was also dressed up as a villain from Batman. He even shaved his head and donned the mask for the part too. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Wow, to think that I get to see this on the last day of December!” “This is really amazing!” “You guys look exactly like those villains!”,”How did you guys manage to nail the details so perfectly?” and “Wow the costume and make-up is flawless!”