Park Bo Young Gives a New Year Greeting!

The actress Park Bo Young did a new year’s greeting for fans using a famous line from her popular film, “Wolf Boy.” On December 30 she wrote a long message to fans and included a picture of herself.

Park Bo Young wrote, “There really aren’t that many days left in 2012. I am planning hard in order to prepare myself for 2013. The year 2012 was very meaningful for me and it was a happy year. I was able to greet you all and received love through such a great project. (Wolf Boy) Thank you for all the people that showed me love. I will show you different sides of myself so that I can return that love to all of you in 2013.”

She continued, “I hope that things will turn out the way that I want them to. I hope you all end the year on a good tone, and I hope that in 2013 better things happen to you.”

In the message, she included a picture of herself with a piece of paper that says “Wait for me,“ which is a popular line from the film “Wolf Boy.”

When it seemed like she was done, she added, “Wait I almost forgot! Thank you for all the gifts. I tried to take a picture of proof but I was unable to take a picture that would show all of them. I am sorry. Also, I read all of the letters. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to reply to each one individually.”

She continued with, “I also wanted to say that you don’t have to send me all those gifts. I am good enough with your love and cheers. All I need is your interest and love. Hehe.”