f(x)’s Victoria Dresses Up in a Cat Costume for MBC Music Awards

f(x)‘s Victoria recently transformed into a cat for fans. 

On December 31, Victoria updated her me2day with “Today’s the last day of 2012~ We’re at the MBC Music Awards right now ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful time~” and uploaded the following photo. 

In the revealed photo, Victoria is wearing a beaded kitty ear headband, winged eyeliner, orange nail polish, and an orange laced glove piece. She is casting a seductive look at the camera while revealing a close and personal view of her lovely facial features. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Victoria transformed into a cat,” “You’re so sexy f(x)’s Vic Mommy!” and “Victoria the cat is so cute.” 

In related news, f(x) participated in the 2012 MBC Music Awards ceremony at the MBC Dream Center.