CNBlue Parodies Their Own Album Jacket

Can you already believe it’s already been 3 years since CNBlue made their debut?

CNBlue made a very strong debut in 2010 with “I’m a Loner,” breaking records and becoming one of the fastest rookie groups to snatch first place in local music programs.

On December 30, leader Jung Yong Hwa posted a message on his twitter, “It’s been 3 years since we’ve made our debut on January 14. Since we’re making a comeback on our debut date, we decided to parody our ‘I’m a Loner’ album jacket. Did we change a lot? There aren’t many days before January 14, so please look forward to our comeback! Ps, Yong Hwa.”

A representative of FNC Entertainment shared, “This album only contains songs which the CNBlue members composed. Their musical skills have vastly improved within the past 3 years and we chose the comeback date to match their debut date to represent a fresh start.”