T-ara’s Soyeon Thanks Fans For Homemade Lunchbox

T-ara‘s Soyeon recently snapped proof shots of herself between bites as she enjoyed the lunchbox she received from thoughtful fans. 

She expressed her gratitude on her me2day with the message, “I enjoyed every morsel. You must have known that I couldn’t handle spicy food, and left it out right? Thank you. I received this lunchbox from T-ara fans right before the recording for the 2012 MBC Gayo Dae Jeon. Thank you!” and uploaded the following photos. 

The pictures were taken with Soyeon’s smartphone while she was relaxing and chowing down food prepared with love by adoring fans. Soyeon showed off her cute charisma while making different cute faces for the camera; from puckering to winking – netizens simply fawned over Soyeon’s adorable looks. 

Some of the comments Soyeon’s photo received from netizens were, “Soyeon looks so cute in pigtails”, “Soyeon grows prettier by the day” and “I will definitely be watching MBC Gayo Dae Jeon.”