Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon Resemble the Original Cartoon Characters of “My Flower Boy Neighbor”

Recently, actress Park Shin Hye and actor Yoon Shi Yoon received a lot of attention due to their shocking resemblances to the cartoon characters of the webtoon “I Spy Him Every Day,” which provided the storyline for the upcoming drama, “My Flower Boy Neighbor.”

This drama, which will include 16 episodes, will tell a romantic and funny story of an emotionally hurt girl named Go Dok Mi, who secretly spies on her gorgeous neighbor Enrique Geum.

Very similar to the original character Go Dok Mi, Park Shin Hye shows off her big eyes, slim face, and cute hairstyles on the released stills. Likewise, Yoon Shi Yoon also displays similar facial features and permed hairstyle, just like Enrique Geum.

The director of this drama announced, “Though we hoped to cast people who resemble the original characters, we did not think we would get this close. The actors and actresses have studied hard to create the best drama we could make. We hope to have even better stories and characters than the original cartoon. In addition, we have also spent a lot of effort on the fashion side of the characters for the viewers.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “My Flower Boy Neighbor” will air on January 7, 2013.