BTOB and Noh Ji Hoon Go On a Date with Fans

On December 29, BTOB and Noh Ji Hoon showed their appreciation by meeting with approximately 200 fans at the Cube Café in Seoul and gifting them with barbecued sweet potatoes.

It was a cold snowy day, yet the devoted fans lined up early in the morning to meet their idols. In addition to the snacks, BTOB and Noh Ji Hoon also provided specially made 2013 calendars and signatures for their fans.

BTOB and No Ji Hoon’s personalized events for fans are becoming more and more popular. The requests for this kind of fan meeting have been made both within and outside Korea.

In the past, BTOB have carried out events where they made coffee for their fans and doing spontaneous performances. On the other hand, Noh Ji Hoon also had a meaningful fan meeting at Christmas last year at the same café. In addition to singing “I’m in Love,” Noh Ji Hoon spent cozy afternoon with his fans.

This year’s event was BTOB and Noh Ji Hoon’s way to get closer to their fans. As the up-and-coming rookies of this year, they have shown great potentials this year with many awards to prove it.