Eugene Gives Handwritten New Years Greeting

Actress and former SES member Eugene gave a handwritten greeting for the new year.

On “MBC Star Audition 3,” the lovely MC said, “First of all, I want to thank the viewers who have shown ‘Star Audition 3’ love. Please anticipate future episodes of the show as we progress from groups to individual competitions…Please be healthy this year, and I hope only happy things happen this year. I wish many blessings this New Year.”

To the contestants of the show she said, “I hope that your performances will be as good as you work hard to achieve your dreams…Although this is a survival show and many of you will be eliminated, I hope all of you will work hard until the end.”

Eugene has been gaining recognition as the MC for this audition show. As she also once worked hard to achieve her dreams to be a singer, Eugene has been generous with her encouragement and advice to the participants.