Ministry of Defense Makes Cautious Statements Regarding Rain’s Special Treatment in the Military

In South Korea, any issue related to its mandatory military service will always become big. Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s dating news has brought forth to the surface, another controversial issue! Currently, there is a growing sense of unhappiness with celebrities and their receiving special treatment while serving out their mandatory military service. For now, the South Korean Ministry of Defense is making vague statements regarding the matter.

A representative of the Ministry of Defense was asked to comment about Rain’s frequent vacations. The representative stated, “Currently the things that are being reported are not 100% accurate. We are currently investigating Rain’s military service.”

Another aspect that is creating controversy is the fact that Rain was spotted without his military hat. When enlisted Koreans are on vacation and wearing their uniforms they need to wear their hats and should not walk around with their hands in their pockets. Regarding this matter the representative stated, “It would be problematic if an enlisted individual wore his uniform without his hat. But, any military member might take off their hat on occasion. We are currently figuring out if Rain has continuously been hatless or not.”

A South Korean senator has criticized the fact that celebrity’s serving out their military service often have too many vacation days. Rain has used 62 vacation days since his enlistment.