Want to Date a Girls’ Generation Member? Don’t Play Hard to Get

Gentlemen heed my advice! If you ever end up dating a Girls’ Generation member do not play hard to get! Girls’ Generation appeared on the MBC special “Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy” that was broadcast on January 1, 2013.

On the show, the members of the Girls’ Generation discussed their ideal type of men. Seohyun said, “Originally I didn’t care so much about looks, but I think it is a big issue for me now. I wish I would meet someone who has nice eyes and a pretty smile.”

Sooyoung stated, “My ideal type of guy would have pretty eyes and a good looking nose. I don’t like men who try too hard to appear cool or care too much about how others perceive him.” Jessica stated, “I don’t like men who act like little boys.” YoonA stated, “I don’t think I would like a guy that can’t get jealous.”

The entire Girls’ Generation members together stated that they did not like guys who were hard to reach. These were the kind of guys they hated in common, “Somebody who waits to receive a text before he sends his own” and “Somebody who hates to talk on the phone.” 

Sunny teased the Girls’ Generation members, “It looks like being the boyfriend of a Girls’ Generation member would be a difficult task.”