Ministry of Defense Reveals Rain’s Vacation Days, Controversy Continues

As we reported earlier after Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s relationship was known to the public, Rain has been caught up in nasty controversy regarding his military service. There are two issues being brought up. The first is the fact that Rain was caught outside in his military uniform but without his hat. The second is the fact that had too many vacation days. Currently, debate is going on whether celebrities are given too much of a “special status” for their military service.

The Ministry of Defense revealed that up until now Rain has used a total of 28 vacation days (Received as a reward) and was authorized to leave his military base for 54 days. In 2011 Rain used 11 vacation days and in 2012 Rain used 17 vacation days.

The Ministry of Defense stated that Rain earned these vacation days due to his various activities throughout his service. They also explained that in 2012, for 25 days he was authorized to leave base in order to record in a studio and practice dancing. Also, for 19 days he was authorized to leave base in order to perform for the military.

Unfortunately, it appears as though this news was not enough to stop the controversy regarding celebrities and their receiving special treatment. Stay tuned to to hear more details!