Girls’ Generation’s Sunny’s Swear Word on Hat Shocks Netizens

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny recently appeared in their latest music video wearing a cap that bore a swear word that caught Netizens off guard. The music video featuring Sunny’s rebellious cap was for title track “Dancing Queen.” This song is a part of Girls’ Generation’s fourth album that was released just a couple days ago.

The exact words found on Sunny’s cap are “WELCOME MOTHERF★CKERS” with the star replacing the character that would otherwise complete the well-known swear word of the English language. The screenshot of the Girls’ Generation member in the cap circulated forums and created shock waves because of the strong language. After all, profanity or swear words are not prevalent in K-Pop music. 

It appears as though the purpose of donning the cap with the curse word was to symbolize maturity and swagger. Especially with this album, Girls’ Generation seems to be moving away from their usual cute, lovable, and innocent image.