Son Dam Bi Shows Support for Upcoming 17 Member Idol Group “17”

Son Dam Bi is showing her support for the upcoming 17 member idol group of her entertainment agency Pledis. On January 2, Son Dam Bi showed a picture of herself holding the number “17” and flashing a beautiful smile.

The new idol group “17” is made up of 17 members that are all the age of 17. Meanwhile, through the official fan café of “17” on January 2, Pledis Entertainment stated, “Through 17 TV you will be able to see the current members, but they might not make it to the final list. Through more training and different tests the final member list will be set in the future. The final member list will continue to receive feedback from public opinion. We will set up the final members after monitoring public opinion.”

Beginning on December 24, the teasers for “17” were shown through their official YouTube channel.