“My Flower Boy Neighbor” Cast Shows Hot Passion Despite Freezing Temperatures

The cast of tvN’s upcoming drama “My Flower Boy Neighbor” is currently raising anticipation for the drama’s premiere with the release of the latest behind the scenes pictures.

The cast members are doing their best fighting off the below freezing temperatures their own way.

On the top left, Park Shin Hye is able to manage melting the hearts of the viewers with her cute frame bundled up in blankets and flashing her radiant smile. Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Yoon Hye are holding hot packs and the former sucks on his lollipop to forget the cold. Kim Yoon Hye find her own source of heat by staring at the hot and handsome Yoon Shi Yoon.

Kim Ji Hoon looks serious studying his lines while the heater warms him up. Park Su Jin proves that one can still be fashionable even in winter with her neon pink fur coat. She covers her lower half with a blanket and stays close to a heater.

Meanwhile, “My Flower Boy Neighbor” will air its pilot episode on January 7 at 11pm (KST).