Idol band FT Island gave a special New Year’s video message for their Primadonnas.

On January 2 the handsome band put up a video on their Youtube channel. In the video the boysw are wearing military style outfits. Lead singer Hongki has a new hairstyle with his long light colored hair partly shaved.

In the video Hongki gives the greetings and directs the message to the Primadonnas. He says, “A lot happened in 2012. We had a musical, I had a movie, we promoted in Japan, and Jonghun played a lot…” When Jonghun protests to his jokes Hongki corrects himself, “I mean he also exercised a lot…” The rest of the band members laugh at his teasing.

Hongki then says, “I hope your dreams and hopes come true for 2013. We will continue to see you. We will meet through out music. Let’s keep going until we die.”

Check out the video below!