Rain’s Punishment Will Not Be Severe

As we continue to report, Rain has recently been under fire for breaking two regulations regarding individuals serving out their mandatory military service. 

It looks as though within the next week Rain’s punishment will be decided. On January 3 a representative of the Ministry of Defense Kim Min Suk stated, “Rain left because he would be engaging in government affairs. On the way returning to base he seemed to have met somebody (Kim Tae Hee) in a private way. This can be seen as breaking the rules. Next week a council will be set up to judge what measures must be taken.”

But it seems that the punishment will not be severe for Rain. The representative Kim Min Suk stated, “He probably will not be sent to the brig. But, there will probably be punishment in terms of reduced number of a vacation days and privileges to leave base.”

Looks like it is good news for Rain! Stay tuned for more updates!