Girls' Generation and Their Most Scandalous and Awesome Moments

Hey folks, in order to commemorate Girls’ Generation’s new album. I thought it would be fun to look back at the different scandalous and awesome moments involving the Girls’ Generation. 

1. Girls’ Generation Sooyoung and Won Bin Dating Rumors

The Girls’ Generation members are often caught up in dating rumors because of their popularity. This one was quite interesting because it was later found to be completely off its mark!

2. YoonA Photos from 3 Years Ago

Doesn’t she look hot? I don’t know why some people hated these pictures of YoonA.

3. YoonA and Seo In Gook Dating Rumor

Seo In Gook runs into YoonA in a baseball stadium. People take pictures and voila!

4. PsY and YoonA Dating Rumor

Chinese media source reports that PsY and YoonA are having an affair after a picture of a man who doesn’t even look like Psy. Weird~

5. Girls’ Generation Accused of Plagiarizing Airline Advertisements

On November 28, 2012 the Girls’ Generation released images for their second Japanese album “Girls’ Generation II Girls & Peace.” However, these were extremely similar to posters from a 1971 American Southwest Airlines poster and an American PSA Airlines poster in 1962.

Hmm, is this really controversy worthy?

6. Girls’ Generation Jessica and Her Scary Stalker Incident

A man creeped into Girls’ Generation’s security-enabled apartment complex. Jessica revealed on an episode on SBS’s “Strong Heart” that a man followed behind her after she got out of a taxi and used an umbrella to block the apartment complex’s main entrance. She continued, “I thought he must’ve lived in the complex, but he continued to follow me. When I walked faster, I heard his footsteps sped up behind me. I quickly entered the password and got home and not much later, I heard someone trying to open our front door.”


7. Girls’ Generation Yuri Acts Black


8. Snoop D. O. Double G Says that the Girls’ Generation have “No Biscuits.”

Of course, the doggy dog later explained that he meant biscuits as in ugly faces. But, isn’t it supposed to mean butts?

9. A Picture of a Mystery Boy Hugging Seohyun Turns Out to Be f(x) Amber

This was a downer. Everyone was curious about the identify of this mystery boy hugging Seohyun. It turned out to be Amber from f(x).

10. Girls’ Generation Jessica and Her First Pitch Blooper

Need I say more?


 11. Girls’ Generation Appears on Major U.S. Shows

12. TaeTiSeo!

For me it was surprising that the Girls’ Generation would actually end up creating their own sub-unit group. I miss TaeTiSeo!

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