Girls’ Generation Inside “M! Countdown” Dressing Room Before Comeback

Are you ready for Girls’ Generation?

On January 3, a staff from Mnet’s “M! Countdown” uploaded on the music program’s official twitter, “3 hours before you meet Girls’ Generation! 9 girls, 9 colors, but with a thousand charms, you’ll be able to see Girls’ Generation’s comeback at ‘M! Countdown!” See you at 6pm~”

Inside the picture, the girls are all ready in their “I Got a Boy” outfits. They’re showing their excitement with smiles and spirit fingers.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “There’s not much time left until Girls’ Generation comes back,” “Lets see just how much prettier they can be,” “Their newest song is super addictive. It’s the best.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation came back with their 4th studio album “I Got a Boy” on January 1 and are gearing up for a busy promotion period.