Han Ga In’s Thoughtful Gesture Towards Her Fans

Han Ga In is melting the hearts of her fans with her latest gesture.

Currently, an online community forum posted couple pictures under the title “Unreleased pictures of Han Ga In.”

The netizen who created the topic shared, “When Han Ga In heard that her fans were making a 2013 calendar with her images, she decided to take several pictures before she headed out to Japan. She fought through the cold weather and took several pictures in the snow.”

The pictures reveal her striking side profile. Han Ga In doesn’t show that she’s uncomfortable from the cold and holds a steady gaze. The beautiful scenery is blurred to emphasize the starlet. She also included an adorable picture as a bonus where she awkwardly looks away while she take a big bite of her food.

Netizens who saw her pictures commented, “Her love for fans is amazing,” “She’s really a goddess,” “Her profile looks fake- it’s so amazing.”