Park Shin Hye Reveals Secret Behind Working With Flowerboys

Actress Park Shin Hye revealed that her secret behind working with good-looking “flower boys” was her easy-going personality.

On the upcoming January 7, Park Shin Hye’s tvN drama “My Flower Boy Neighbor” where she acts alongside actor Yoon Shi Yoon. The actress takes on a role of a modern-day Rapunzel who never ventures outside but is caught spying on her neighbor who lives across the street, played by Yoon Shi Yoon.

Once again, Park Shin Hye acted with numerous “flower boys” including Kim Ji Hoon as well as Yoon Shi Yoon. The fact that she has also played alongside many more handsome actors such as Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa has garnered much attention from the fans.

At the drama press conference that was held in Imperial Palace hotel, Park Shin Hye stated, “Aside from the present, I think that I have worked with many flower boys in the past too. I have never thought about it, but I think the secret behind this may possibly be from my easy-going personality. I don’t really try to embellish myself which is a trait many of my characters have.”

When asked who was the most memorable flower boy actor she had worked with, she said with a surprised expression, “I think it’s difficult to choose only one person. First of all, our director is a flower boy. Everyone is so handsome but I will pick Kim Ji Hoon, the original flowerboy.”

“My Flower Boy Neighbor” is a drama that was inspired by a webtoon of the same plot. It will be airing 16 episodes and is the story of a girl who hides her innermost thoughts deep within but slowly begins to open up to her neighbor.