Mnet M! Countdown – January 3, 2013

Did everyone enjoy the holidays? 

Well for you who missed having M! Countdown to watch, it’s finally back! And it sure came back with a bang! 

Highlight of the night was the long awaited comeback stage for Girl’s Generation, but that wasn’t all that the evening had in store. We got comebacks from Baek Ji Young and hot rookie group GLAM! and a special stage from the Top 12 contestants of Superstar k4.

Winner of this week was Yang Yoseob, making this his triple crown on M! Countdown with his hit song “Caffeine”.

Special MC’s for the evening were Girls’ Generation’s own Hyoyeon and Yuri!

Winner – Yang Yoseob

Yang Yoseob “Caffeine”

Girls’ Generation ” Dancing Queen” and “I Got A Boy”

Baek Ji Young “Hate”

Sunny Hill “Goodbye To Romance”

December “Don’t Go”

Dal Shabet “Have, Don’t Have”

Dickpunks – Special stage

Glam “I Like That”

Teaser – Infinite H, Boyfriend, Jea

C-Clown “Far away…young love”

BIGSTAR “I got a feeling”

The SeeYa “Poison”

Hello Venus “What Are U Doing Today?

Superstar K4 TOP12 “Sing A Song”

video credit: simhy6 @youtube

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