Who Wore It Better: Jessica vs. Krystal

It’s another round of “Who Wore It Better” and the contestants are Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal. Maybe it’s because they’re sisters and probably go through each other’s closets, but these two gals are often caught wearing the same things. It’s definitely not a bad thing as it gives us more ideas on how to change up our look with the same article of clothing.

This time, they’re both wearing red high rise shorts with fishnet stockings, but with their own twists.

Jessica appeared in her outfit on January 3 at her group’s “I Got a Boy” comeback performance through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” while Krystal performed in her outfit on December 22 in China for the “2013 Sichuan Satellite Concert.”

Jessica wears a red midriff exposing tank top and layers it with a lower cut black “awesome” tank. She wears a red jacket over it, giving a hip hop feel. Her light brown hair is styled straight, finishing her overall look.

On the other hand, Krystal is wearing black safety pants underneath her red shorts, which gives her pants an edge. She chose black colored fishnet stockings, which matches her black jacket giving off a rock vibe. She styled her dark brown hair in loose waves and pinned one side with red and white accessories.

So Soompiers, wore wore it better?