“IRIS 2” Releases New Stills of Lee Da Hae

KBSs upcoming drama “IRIS 2” has been releasing teaser photos for a few weeks now, and their newest teaser photo is of the leading lady Lee Da Hae. Lee Dae Hae plays Ji Soo Yeon, a former gold medalist who becomes a special agent for the NSS.

Lee Da Hae’s actual shooting skills have received admiration from the set. At the NIS practice shooting range, Lee Da Hae surprised everyone by received forty-six points out of fifty, scoring higher than even Jang Hyuk.

Since this is her first action role, Lee Da Hae practiced and trained diligently at the action school for four to five hours a day. She said, “Before ‘IRIS 2,’ the only training I did was exercising with a personal trainer. Now I train hard every day to increase me strength and stamina. Because Ji Soo Yeon is a charming character that is very different from me, I am very happy to portray her.”

A representative of “IRIS 2” said, “It is hard to believe that this is Lee Da Hae’s first action role. Her trainers have given her a lot of praise… Lee Da Hae will show charms and abilities she has not shown before through her role.”

“IRIS 2” will air on February 13 on KBS.