CNBlue Reveals Photo Teaser for Comeback

It won’t be too long before you’ll see CNBlue back performing new songs.

On January 4, their teaser image was released on their official homepage hinting their video teasers will be released starting from January 7.

Each member displays a different emotion. Jung Yong Hwa (upper left) looks nervous and worried, Kang Min Hyuk (lower left) has a solemn face, Lee Jong Hyun (upper right) gives a playboy smile while Lee Jung Shin (lower right) is deep in thought staring at a single rose.

Fans who saw the teasers shared their thoughts, “Sad expression, profound expression.. what’s it about?” “So curious what it is,” “Will there be a storyline in the music video?”

Meanwhile, CNBlue’s comeback date is January 14, which is their debut date. It’s been previously revealed that Jung Yong Hwa composed the title track bringing much anticipation to the fans and industry insiders.