Lee Hi’s Allowance After Debut Is Still $10 A Month

On January 3, rookie singer Lee Hi had an interview with Naver for the “Star Column” and revealed that her allowance ever since she began middle school has not changed. Her parents only gave her ten dollars a month and expected her to pay for the bus with that money as well.

She surprised netizens further by saying, “Because I had to pay for the bus fare with that money, if I could I tried to avoid taking the bus unless it snowed or rained hard. I tried to make those ten dollars last as long as I could. Even after debuting under YG Entertainment, my allowance is still ten dollars. People think that artists probably make a lot of money once they debut, but that is not the case.” 

She went on to explain, “My allowance wasn’t much because my parents started a bank account for me at an early age. They only gave me ten dollars a month and set aside the rest for my future. The total balance is kept hush-hush in our household,” drawing the curiosity of netizens. 

Netizens commented, “She is such a good daughter,” “She’s learned how to be frugal at such a young age- I see her differently now,” “It’s amazing that she only receives ten dollars a month and not per day” and “She’s so mature for her age.”