Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Reveals Her Younger Brother Who Plans to Become a Pastor

Wonder GirlsYe Eun recently revealed her younger brother Park Yo Seb, who plans on becoming a pastor shortly after graduating from his theological seminary. He was also accepted into another seminary, but after listening to the advice of his sister he decided to enroll this past December and complete his studies sometime this year. 

Park Yo Seb revealed his thoughts on why he decided to pursue studies in divinity, “I know very little about theology, so I’d like to try and study it. I know it’s going to be a lifetime endeavor, but I don’t want to be just a pastor who preaches in a church but someone who can relate to others. I want to be able to connect to others as though they are part of my family. That is my ultimate goal.”

About 90% of Han Shin Theological Seminary students go on to become pastors. Park Yo Seb is currently following the footsteps of his father and mother who are leading a church as well.