B.A.P Young Jae’s Toned Biceps Delight Female Fans

On January 3 on group B.A.P’s official fan café, a picture of Young Jae was uploaded that earned him a nickname “Bagel Boy.” Word “Bagel” is a new term that refers to a baby faced person with sexy body.

In the picture is Young Jae who appeared on MBC radio show “Shindong’s Shimshimtapa.” During the shooting, Young Jae wore a sleeveless shirt, showing off his unusually muscular biceps.

Young Jae, who was born in 1994, used to have a nickname “Baby Fat” due to his weight. However with this photo, it is clear that is no longer a chubby little boy he used to be.

Fans who saw this picture commented, “I might miss chubby Young Jae,” “Look at his biceps. Yet he has such a baby face,” “Please don’t work out too hard. I would still love you even if you have a love handle,” “I am going to have to arrest you for losing so much weight!” “Young Jae has changed.”

Meanwhile, Young Jae will be promoting a new duet “Everything Is Pretty,” which he sang with Secret’s Sunhwa.