Wonder Girls’ Sunye Hires World Famous Photographer for Wedding Album

An inside source from Wonder GirlsSunye spoke with eNEWS on January 3 and revealed, “Sunye will be holding her wedding photo shoot on January 7 at a studio in Gangnam with a world famous photographer.”

The famous photographer Oh Joong Suk is known to have a close friendship with Sunye and has reportedly agreed whole-heartedly to work on her wedding upon request.

The studio that Sunye chose is actually the restaurant that Lee Chun Hee manages in the drama, “The Thousandth Man.” The restaurant is known to have a big garden and a luxurious interior.

This insider also commented, “Sunye has chosen her own wedding dress for this photo shoot and she is very excited,” and “The concept of the photo shoot hasn’t been decided yet. But since Sunye and her fiance are still young, they will probably go for a lovable concept.”

Sunye and fiance James Pak will hold their wedding on January 26 at the Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel in Seoul.