Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” Sets Record for Quickest 10 Million YouTube Views

Girls’ Generation‘s music video for their newest come back track “I Got A Boy” has set a record for being the fastest YouTube video to reach 10 million views.

Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” was released and uploaded on YouTube on January 1 at 5PM. The video met with an explosive reaction, reaching 10 million views in just 55 hours.

At the time of this article being posted, the video recorded a total of 15,722,625 views and is still quickly climbing. It is the quickest to reach this number among all the K-Pop music videos so far on YouTube.

Today, Girls’ Generation will throw a hologram concert called the “V Concert,” which is currently garnering much attention.

“I Got A Boy” is receiving a lot of love as it is ranking #1 in many online music charts.