Park Bo Young and Jung Suk Won On Board for “Rules Of The Jungle” New Zealand Edition

Jung Suk Won and Park Bo Young are likely to join the next season of “Rules Of The Jungle.”

The two stars have received casting calls to join the next season of “Rules Of The Jungle,” which will be filmed in New Zealand. SBS sources commented, “Both actors have decided to join the cast. Both are showing great interest in the show.”

Jung Suk Won and Park Bo Young will be leaving for New Zealand at the end of this month. Besides Jung Suk Won and Park Bo Young, another unidentified actor or actress will be joining the cast as well.

Jung Suk Won was a Marine during his mandatory military service and is a rank-holder in martial arts. He was named a “beastly man” for his rough and charismatic characters in various dramas and movies so many are excited to see what he will have to bring to the show. On the other hand, Park Bo Young has an innocent and cute image so many are wondering how she will survive the wilderness of New Zealand.

Sources say, “In the past, actors who don’t usually show their faces in variety programs such as Park Jung Chul, Park Sol Mi and Lee Tae Gon have appeared on ‘Rules Of The Jungle’ and have successfully created a new image. Therefore, there are many actors who wish to appear on the show.”