[Ceci] It’s Magic! Quick Party Hair Tutorial Part 2: Party Up Style

You successfully picked out an outfit that matches the party’s dress code, but you just tightly tie your hair? If you remember perfect hairstyles coming from the hair salon, let’s learn one thing about how to prepare your hair for a party. Three hair artists who have fast and magic-like hands shared their secrets for a finished party style look.

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Lee Hye Young– the most sought after hair stylist for pictorial shoots and commercial advertisements. The one whose hands can turn any hair into a work of art. Rumored to be super fast and elaborate, she recommends an “Up Style” when attending a party.

Lee Hye Young (Hair Stylist)
“An ‘Up Style’ is a standard hairstyle for a party. If you wear fur that covers the shoulders and bling-bling accessories, you need to clean up the neck area. Either have the bangs be thin or emphasize the crown of the head for a different feel. This would be a good hairstyle for people with wider faces or jaws.”

Party Up Tutorial

Even a normal hairstyle can become great under hair stylist Lee Hye Young. If you want an edgy hairstyle, look through her tutorial.

1. If your face shape is round or short, you want to visibly part the hair. If your face is long, be careful to not show the part by hiding it inside.

2. Use a round heat iron with a width over an inch wide. Grab a small amount of hair, the same size as your heat iron, and wrap it around the heat iron. 20 seconds should be enough. Use pins to keep them in place.

3. Carefully roll the side hair using the heat iron for 2 minutes each, from the bottom up. Use a spray at a foot’s length to fix the new volume.

4. Separate the side hairs in thirds and french braid each set. Take your time, be delicate. Want to keep the volume while the braid stays close to the head.

5. Remove the pins and use a cushion brush and comb through. Remember to use only the side part of the brush to keep the volume we just created.

6. Loosely grab the recently brushed hair without ruining the soft curls and tie it up like the picture. Wrap the hair around the hair band and use U-pins to keep the bun in place.

 7. Use a rear mirror. Bring the side braids to the back and pin so they overlap.

 There you go! A finished “Party Up” look.

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