Kwanghee Shows Interest in More Than One Secret Member

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee recently showed interest in other Secret members beside Sunhwa. (Currently Kwanghee is in a virtual marriage with Sunhwa on “We Got Married.”)

On SBSStar King,” a prodigy belly dancer who is only in elementary school came on the show to flaunt her belly-dancing skills. Secret as a group would not be outdone and they performed belly dances as well. They performed their version of the belly dance to their hit track “Madonna.” 

Kwanghee was captivated by Secret’s sexy dance, and almost gave himself away by showing great interest in more than one Secret member. When the studio audience noticed this, they reacted with surprise and laughter. 

During the show, everyone was amused by the prodigy belly dancer “Belly Shin Dong,” who had pudgy legs and a round tummy, but still exuded a sexy aura. 

The episode featuring “Belly Shin Dong” and Secret’s belly dance aired on January 5.