Block B’s Agency Makes an Official Statement Concerning Recent Conflict

Recently, idol group Block B sued their agency Stardom Entertainment for unpaid salaries. The members made several complaints, and on January 4, the agency made an official statement to explain the situation.

“Hello. Stardom Entertainment would like to make a few statements.

We would first like to apologize for all the worries we have caused to our fans. There have been several false reports made concerning our agency, and we would like to explain our side.

– Unpaid wages

We have made complete payments to every members of Block B on time. Initially, the agreement was to pay the members on the 25th of every month. However, between April and October of 2011, there had been no profits made by this group. Therefore for the first six months of Block B’s debut, we could not pay their salaries.

In addition, in March 2012, the members, their parents, and the agency made an agreement that instead of the monthly payment, we would pay them every three months.

– Unethical manager who demanded bribes from the parents of Block B members

It is true that Mr. Lee, who was hired briefly as the manager for the group, received bribes from the parents. Mr. Lee, however, met with the parents without our knowledge and has deceived both the agency and the parents. Currently, we do not know of his whereabouts.

We only found out afterward. At the time, the parents and the agency decided not to publicize this incident because we feared it would affect the group negatively. We have contacted the proper authorities, and we hope that Mr. Lee will be brought to justice soon.

– Block B’s inactive period in 2012

When Block B made their comeback in February 2012, they made active appearances in Korea. However due to the unfortunate incident during an interview in Thailand, Block B members required eight months of inactivity.

Block B members were angry at the time. However the agency did everything in our power to solve the situation, and we were successful.

– The figure controlling the Block B members from the back

Our agency has worked tirelessly to increase profits for every members of our group. When we heard of the existence of a figure that has encouraged Block B members to sue the agency and break the contract, we were angry and disappointed.

This unknown figure has convinced the Block B members and their parents to stop communicating with us, creating distrust. During recent conversations with the members and their parents, we were able to confirm these facts.

– Future plans

Despite our hope to solve this misunderstanding, Stardom Entertainment recently found out, via internet, that the parents have applied to have the contracts voided. Though we are disappointed at their haste decisions, we will still try our best to resolve this situation as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Thank you.”

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