Seo In Gook Shows Off His Slim V-Lined Face

On January 5 on his me2day, singer Seo In Gook uploaded a photo along with a message, “Did everyone apply for your seat at the Galaxy Note Day on January 22? I use Note 2, and I will be participating at this event. Please look forward to my creative performance. Everyone please join me in Seoul and let’s have a great time! Please come.”

In the picture is Seo In Gook smiling at the camera. With his handsome facial features and extra slim face, Seo In Gook looks beautiful.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “This is the best I have seen of Seo In Gook,” “Love his face shape,” “How could a person’s head be so small?” “I didn’t know at first that Seo In Gook was good looking, but he obviously is.”