Juniel Plays “Choo Choo Train” with “Infinity Challenge” Members?

Artist Juniel has uploaded a proof shot of playing “choo-choo train” with the “Infinity Challenge” members.

On January 5, Juniel tweeted, “I came to MBC for ‘Music Core‘ and I saw that the ‘Infinity Challenge’ oppas, whom I love, were playing choo-choo train so I decided to join. Come to MBC right now! Let’s play choo-choo train together!”

In the revealed photo, Juniel is standing in between life-size cut outs of the “Infinity Challenge” members with a bright smile. She is placing her hands on a cut out of Yoo Jae Suk‘s back, thus making a “train” with the other members.

Netizens who came across this photo commented, “Juniel, you’re so cute,” “I guess you’re an ‘Infinity Challenge fan,” and “You seem so serious on stage but outside the stage, you’re so bright and cute.”

Meanwhile, Juniel is currently actively promoting her latest single, “Bad Person.”