BIGSTAR’s FeelDog Is Excited for Acting Debut In “Remaining Love”

BIGSTAR‘s leader FeelDog was recently cast as a male teenage student with loans on KBS2 TV’s new sitcom “Remaining Love.”

On January 4, he tweeted adorable selcas of himself with the caption, “I’m so nervous to be the first of our group to be debuting as an actor…! No matter what, I’ll make sure to have fun! Even though I’m inexperienced, please be easy on me and enjoy my performance! Remember to watch today’s Music Bank show for BIGSTAR!” and uploaded the following photos. 

In the selcas, FeelDog is showing his nervousness yet excitement for his new sitcom role in BIGSTAR’s dressing room. 

BIGSTAR has been promoting their title track, “I Got A Feeling” and plans to do so until the end of January. FeelDog will be making his acting debut this February in “Remaining Love.”