A-Prince Unveils New Music Video Story Version of “Hello”

On January 5, A-Prince released a music video story version of their recently released song “Hello.”

Previously, A-Prince’s agency, New Planet Entertainment, announced that after releasing a dance version of the music video “Hello,” they would unveil another version of the music video. The spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Soon, there will be a new version of the video that will include a storyline. I hope fans will show a lot of interest.”

The music video opens with a scene of a young girl trying to make her way out of a dark, cold and scary forest by walking through the snow while using a lantern to guide her. She is in search of warm shelter and finally sees the light of a cabin in the distance. In the cabin, a group of boys (A-Prince), are having fun celebrating their Christmas party together when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. As the boys open the door, the girl collapses to the ground in exhaustion and due to the cold. They lay her on the bed and attempt to revive her. When the girl wakes up, they try to make her happy and try to win her love by showering her with gifts of clothes and jewelry. To no avail, they also try to impress her with magic tricks and by cooking for her. A-Prince then comes up with the idea of singing and dancing the song “Hello” for her when she finally warms up to them and begins to interact with the boys.

Here’s their music video below!

Meanwhile, A-Prince will gear up for their debut performance on MBC’s music program “Show Music Core” on January 10.