Kara’s Nicole Looking Unhealthy in Latest Selcas

Kara’s Nicole, well-known for her dedication in working out and dieting, is receiving a lot of attention from the netizens because she’s looking a little too scrawny these days.

Recently, an online community forum posted a picture under the title “Lost so much weight, Nicole’s all skin and bones.” She posted the picture through her twitter on New Year’s Eve and included the caption, “I love strawberries.”

She took 4 pictures with her lovely strawberry. On the top left, she playfully substitutes her nose with the strawberry while on the bottom left, she kisses it. She stares at her object of desire in the right hand pictures, not giving a care if she comes out cross-eyed. But more than anything, the lack of makeup emphasizes her thin face and gives an appearance that she’s sick.

Netizens who saw her selca combo mostly encouraged her to gain weight, “Nicole, stop dieting now!” “Her face looks like a patient’s. She looks sick,” “She’d be okay if she gained some weight,” while some are the reasons why many girls diet. Some of the comments read, “Even with the ruthless diet, she looks good,” “It’s better that she looks thin than fat.”