Actress Sung Yuri Picks Yoo Seung Ho As Her Ideal Man

Actress Sung Yuri, who received acclaim for her role in the 2011 independent film “Nuna,” went on the SBS Power FM talk show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.” When DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Which younger actor do you want to work with in the future?,” Sung Yuri picked Yoo Seung Ho.

When asked for her reason, Sung Yuri replied, “Yoo Seung Ho is actually my ideal type in terms of appearances. His deep eyes make him look so great.”

Sung Yuri also revealed, “I get frozen when I’m in front of or with someone I like so there are a lot of times when the other person thinks, ‘Does she not like me?’ But I still can’t seem to open my mouth in front of that person.”

She continued on, “I have dated a younger person but he didn’t call me a ‘nuna.’ I am still open to meet with people who are a year or two younger than me.”

The actress expressed her desire for her image to be sexy and she said that she looked the sexiest when she is sweating after a work-out.