2Yoon’s Huh Ga Yoon Releases 2 Teasers for Upcoming Album

4minute’s Huh Ga Yoon and Jeon Ji Yoon are in a duo project group called 2Yoon.

On January 8, Cube Entertainment released couple photo teasers on their official social networking sites.

Both pictures show Huh Ga Yoon with many chicks. In the first picture, she’s sitting on a well-used 2 seat couch and is gently cupping a chick with an admirable expression. She looks lovely in a white, long sleeved dress with laces and styled her long brown hair with a braid in a headband. The second picture is cleaned up, with a pastel pink background and a white table.

An official from the agency shared that 2Yoon will try a genre never before heard in K-Pop. They hinted that the song is a dance-type song. It’s been revealed that Huh Ga Yoon worked as a visual director for this album, making many fans and industry insiders anticipate the album’s release.

Meanwhile, 2Yoon’s debut mini-album will be available for download from music sites on January 17.