[Ceci] It’s Magic! Quick Party Hair Tutorial Part 3: Party Braid Style

You successfully picked out an outfit that matches the party’s dress code, but you just tightly tie your hair? If you remember perfect hairstyles coming from the hair salon, let’s learn one thing about how to prepare your hair for a party. Three hair artists who have fast and magic-like hands shared their secrets for a finished party style look.

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All parties start at night. Thus, it’s kind of pointless to be all “bling-bling” alone during the day, right? We had a chance to ask a hairstylist in charge of Brown Eyed Girls who knows what looks best depending on the dress code for a performance, award ceremony, club and parties. Lets see what she has to say.

Suneh (Director)
“I want to turn down hairstyles that scream ‘I’m going to a party today.’ It would be great if the hairstyle isn’t too specific for night or day- let it be natural. However, it shouldn’t be outshined by your impressive outfit. You can wear a scarf or jewelry to match the party mood. How about trying the braid hairstyle that’s popular with the girls in their 20s, but make it more fancy? Start braiding from the top. ‘Party Braid’ style saves the hair’s texture from top to bottom.”

Party Braid Tutorial

Plainly braiding hair so that it looks like a normal girl’s is a no-no. However, it’s a different story if you first put in waves before you braid your hair.

1. Omit putting in treatment, and gently use shampoo and rinse while use a lot of moisturizing essence in the hair. After putting wax near the roots, run your hands through the hair while you dry it with a hair dryer.

2. Use a heating iron that’s around 8 inches wide and create waves. The hair can look lifeless if you create each curl in the same direction. Interchange the directions to make it look more natural.

3. If the crown of the head doesn’t have enough volume in the beginning, the hairstyle will start to look ordinary with time. If you have a long face, create more volumes on the sides. If your face is wide, create more volumes on the top.

 4. To maintain the volume you’ve just created, take a handful of hair and start braiding. Don’t braid so tightly. Avoid straightening the hair while you braid. Instead, lift the hair and braid gently.

 5. If you’re confident with your face shape, start braiding from the top near the face. If not, start braiding much lower for a natural look.

6. Place the mirror so you can see the back of your head. Fix the hair near the top so that it makes your face looks balanced. Use a spray to help the hair stay in place.

 Voila! You’re all set! Now get on to that party!

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