Lee Hyori Reveals Her Harsh Lemon Detox Diet

Sexy diva Lee Hyori announced that she is on a lemon detox diet.

On January 7, Lee Hyori tweeted, “Since the new year, it has been three days since I started a lemon detox to lighten my body and mind. If you are interested, I will post my symptoms.”

As promised, she later let people know about her experience and posted, “I am looking forward to the detox effect rather than trying to diet. Clarifying my body and mind…If I lose weight, it will be a bonus.”  She added, “Lemon Detox Day 1 – I’m starving. Day 2 – more hungry. 3rd day – incredibly hungry. The end.”

The star did not forget to tell those interested how to detox effectively by instructing, “When taking the lemon detox products, you have to mix with water and drink it while consuming no other foods. Drink lots of water and herbal tea.”

Lastly, she further commented, “So far I have had no problems with my daily tasks such as walking my dogs, writing lyrics and watching TV. I tend to sleep more and my lips are little dry.”

Lemon detox works by removing the toxins in the body (detoxification) and it has been a preferred dieting method for many people.

Bloggers commented, “I tried this and it really works,” “It’s a good way to cleanse your body,” “Why is she trying to lose weight?  She looks good now” and “Can I join you?”

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