So Ji Sup Transforms into a Powerful Rapper and Prepares Hip Hop Album

Actor So Ji Sup transforms into a powerful rapper.

On January 8, an official at Mnet shared, “As the first participant of ‘Collabo One,’ actor So Ji Sub transformed into a powerful rapper. We’re planning to release his album.” “Collabo One” is a project where entertainers, who aren’t singers, will collaborate with musicians to create a new type of music.

So Ji Sub spent 3 weeks recording and the public will be able to see him as a rapper through Mnet’s new music chart program “Music Triangle.”

A teaser video was broadcast on television, showing the actor naturally riding the rhythm while he busts out his rapping skills. He has shown his passion for the project by writing most of the lyrics.

He has previously displayed his interest in hip-hop by continuously releasing albums. He used the name “G” when he released the digital single “A Lonely Life” on August 2008. He also released “Foolish Love” in November of the same year. In 2011, he released the digital single “Pick Up Line” and lastly in March 2012, he released the mini album “Corona Australis.”

Just like the other albums in the past, So Ji Sub will not hold promotions for this album. A production staff from “Music Triangle” shared, “We’ll show his album-making process every week and his transformation as a rapper.”