IU Appears Really Scrawny in Latest Sightings

IU’s recent appearance is drawing much attention for her even smaller figure and a number of netizens conclude that she’s wearing a size 33 (author’s note: 55 is considered small and 44 is x small).

Recently, an online community forum posted a picture under the title “IU’s real body.”

The picture uploaded captures IU walking and interacting with whom to be part of her staff. Their Korean passports and the setting clues the viewers that they’re at an airport. Her form-fitting clothes reveal her small figure and it’s receiving much attention from the public.

Netizens shared their mixed reactions online with comments, “It’s okay if she gains a little weight. She’s too skinny nowadays,” “Celebrities have to be around that size in order to look good on camera,” “IU was originally chubby. Wonder how she lost all that weight.”