4minute’s Jeon Ji Yoon Releases Tomboyish Teaser Image for Project Group 2Yoon

4minute’s sub-unit 2Yoon (consisting of Jeon Ji Yoon and Huh Ga Yoon) is preparing for a debut.

On January 8, their agency Cube Entertainment released a teaser image of Jeon Ji Yoon not too long after sharing Huh Ga Yoon’s teaser images.

Inside the picture, she’s tilting her head as she stars at the camera. Her expression is unreadable while she firmly wraps her arms around a small animal. It’s been revealed that this image is to capture Ji Yoon’s tomboyish charms.

2Yoon will throw away their strong charismatic image associated with 4minute and instead, take on a more girlish and tomboyish image as a duo.

Meanwhile, the mini-album will be available through online sites on January 17.