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GLAM members recently participated in the “Let’s Dance” interactive dance tutorial series that allows fans to become more familiar with the unique choreography points of hit K-Pop songs.

Not only does GLAM cover the background of their hit track “I Like That“, which is a remake of hit song “Why Do You” from the nineties, but the group showcases each member’s charismatic personalities along with each dance move. They label their choreography points with unique names, such as “scrubbing” in Korean – which requires the dancer to scrub their body in an imaginary rub-a-dub-dub fashion but in an ultra-sexy and unexpected way.

The second dance move is called the “tour bus dance” where an OK sign is incorporated into expressing the lyrics. Finally, the GLAM members wrap up the entire dance by performing the moves within the choreography for their entire track.

Check out the full subtitled video below!

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