Song Joong Ki Talks About His Father’s Strange PR Efforts

Song Joong Ki talked about his father on the January 4 episode of “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” radio show.

He stated, “My father will grab students passing by and ask them if they watched the film ‘Wolf Boy.’ He will say, ‘I am Joong Ki’s father. They are coming out with another version so you should watch it.”

Song Joong Ki said of the PR that his father is doing, “Although I was a bit embarrassed I also felt good.”

About his popularity Song Joong Ki stated, “I think that popularity is like a roller coaster, as much as it goes up I know that one day it can all come down. I want to be an actor that is recognized for his talent. I want to increase my experience through different projects.”

Song Joong Ki was asked what he looks at more when he chooses a new project, the quality of the project itself or the co-star, he answered, “I put more weight on the quality. That is the reason why I chose, ‘Deep Rooted Tree.’ At the time I actually wanted to appear in a project because of the female co-star but I chose ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ because of its quality.”